Internet Age was founded in Australia in 1995.

One of Internet Ages first major undertakings was to set up and install Woolworth's Australia's first web server at their original data centre in Parramatta Sydney.

During the next 10 year period, the company developed a sophisticated distributed Client-Server spare parts software system for several Auto Parts distributors in New Zealand.  That original software is still in everyday use by those companies over 20 years later. Internet Age considers this to be an notable endorsement of the good design and sophistication of that original system. The company using it is a leader in their field which can in part be attributed to the quality of that crucial software.

Between 2000-2003 Internet Age provided IT architecture and Integration skills to Hong Kong Telecom (now named PCCW). After that Internet Age provided architecture and integration skills to companies in Sydney Australia that focused on Supply-Chain and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

From 2016 to 2020, Internet Age redeveloped its original Spare Parts Ordering System to run as a cloud based application.

In 2020, Internet Age is changing direction to seek one or more partnerships to jointly offer software based on the IA Catalog software, as a Cloud service to those industries that the product appeals to.


In 2024 Internet Age has been doing further development of its core software solution.